Rules & Regulations


  • All users must observe total silence in the library at all times.

  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library. All communication gadgets including cell phones, beepers etc. should be put on silent mode before entering the library. No call should be made or recieved in the library.

  • Users are not allowed to leave thier baggage overnight in the library area. The library shall not take any responsibility for loss of personal property or books already signed out to a user.

  • Anyone caught marking, defacing or mutilating books or any other library material will be expected to pay for the material with the most current edition of the same.

  • Seats in library may not be reserved.

  • Library furniture assigned to a place should not be moved to other place.

  • Readers and visitors are required to leave their personal books, bags, handbags, Laptop bags. folders etc. outside the library at the designated place at their own risk and Central Library will not be responsible for any loss of personal belonging books etc.

  • Eatables are strictly prohbited in the library.